A song from the last live at Sweet Rain

October, 2018

A former student of mine was kind enough to record part of my last show in Japan. This song is an original composition by the bass player Noriaki Hosoya. He lived in Germany for a while and well here I am in Germany sharing his music here, music that we shared in Japan…?!

Hagiwara Yu (sax), Haruka Yabuno (piano), Noriaki Hosoya (bass), Arayama Ryo (drums), Riccardo Lovatto (guitar)

Moving back to Europe, last live

September, 2018

And here I am back to Europe after six years in Japan. It is difficult to describe the feeling connected to my last day there but I think I should at least try. My very last concert was something special and in a way it changed the entire balance of my life experience there. Standing on stage playing in front of old and new friends, Japanese teachers, colleagues, students, people I shared moments of live and music with, made me realise how much I got in these years. It hit me in the middle of the first song when I looked at the audience and then back to the band I saw only friendly and joyful faces, ready to share that night with me.
It made me realise how many people believed deeply and appreciated what I was doing (or trying to do). I will remember forever that night and I will remember that faces and smiles. I will always bring with me the sound of my amazing music companions. At the end of this journey what remains in my heart is that beautiful sum of stories, laughs and hugs that mixed with music sounded to me like a real and deep moment of Life. Thank you for everything, everyone.

last live 2Last live

Le petit tonneau, long time no see Haruka!

July, 2018

I have been really busy lately with my job at Four Seasons but this one was a special night for two reasons. Number one a typhoon  came so double thanks to each and every one of the friends that came anyway despite the weather! Number two I had a blast playing with the great Haruka Yabuno. Me and Haruka met almost 5 years ago in a sort of jam session. I still remember we played some of my original songs as well as some standards and I was super impressed about her. With her living in the US we didn’t have the chance to play together again. It was great to meet and share music with her again! Hagiwara Yu (sax),   Haruka Yabuno (piano),   myself (guitar)

Le petit Haruka

Le petit tonneau, feeling like home!

February, 2018

I have been playing in this restaurant for years now and it’s always a great feeling to share my music there. The staff knows me, friends and colleagues come to check out my music. I feel like home there, thanks everybody.

In the pictures myself, Yu Hagiwara and Jeff Curry plus a Tim Bower as special guest. Thanks Tim for supporting my music!

Petit timpetit tim 2


End of the year party, Four Seasons!

1 January, 2018

This year I was in charge of organising the music for the End of the Year Party at Four Seasons. It was real fun and challenging but we made it! While everybody was having fun I was working of course but at the end of the night I had my little moment, dancing by my-self! The day after the party I went back to Italy to have some vacation time. By the way, not a good idea to book a flight the morning after a party!

End of

LatinoAmericando 3!

December, 2017

And so we did it again! This time I enjoyed so much. Little mistakes here and there but everything was on point and I could relax and have fun with the orchestra and the dancers. In the picture I receive flowers from the main sponsor of the show.

Latino amer3

Also I really wanted to share this recording of the original piece I composed as ending. I called the piece of course “LatinoAmericando” and I tried to mix a lot of the things that I’ve learnt during the years listening to South-American musicians. I hope you like it!